Git pages update

Posted on by Chris Warburton

The git pages on this site hadn’t been updated in a while, since I switched my hosting from EC2 to S3, and hence lost the ability to SSH into them. I set up HTTP forwarding to my github account, which at least kept the repos accessible, but their associated static pages were no longer being generated via post-receive hook.

I’ve finally got around to implementing a new update process for those pages: I’ve ripped all of the SSH commands out of my pushGitPages script, and am now using rclone to mount the /git folder locally. This has the advantage of not needing extra bare repos, like I had on my Thinkpad (which is nice since my Pinephone doesn’t have as much storage), whilst not being too tied-in to AWS: I can easily replace the S3 mount with something else, like an SSH mount on my LAN, if the need arises.

This also means that the “view source” links on recent pages of this site should work. Paths which have been around for a while were still resolving, albeit to an old commit; newer paths weren’t resolving at all. Now they should all work 🤞