Plumb: A Mini Language for Mini Functions

Plumb is a Domain Specific Language for defining small, incidental, throwaway functions. In other words, the ‘plumbing’ to join the component parts of a program.

Not very useful on its own, Plumb is designed to be embedded into more capable ‘host’ languages. Implementations are simple to create.

Plumb is actually a special syntax for Lambda Calculus. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry ;)

When To Use Plumb?

When To Avoid Plumb?

Getting Started

Loading/importing/including Plumb in your language of choice will give you access to the plumb function. This is the interpreter, which turns Plumb definitions into real functions of your language.

Check out the usage guide to see how Plumb definitions work.

There’s an online Plumb interpreter and I’ve also written a blog post explaining Plumb and its implementation.