Ivory: Secure, Contain, Project

Point of view is worth eighty IQ points — Alan Kay

TODO: - Basic intro to projective geometry and homogeneous coordinates - Build up a library for PGA on top of raw GA units - Can we remain agnostic about the number of dimensions? - If not, parameterise it. - Might be relevant for taking duals. - Try to remain interoperable with conformal geometric algebra: - If we can use the same underlying representation then great - If not, can we parameterise the operations? - Is it worth adding synonyms for the first few dimensions? - 2D is nice: - and for the first two non-ideal GA units - and for the negative of each - Bivector (pseudoscalar) is , negative is - 3D is harder to represent: - Arrow pointing into (fletches) and out-of (tip) the screen - Make sure to pick the positive/negative for whatever the customary orientation is!