Arduino JSON Client

Arduino is a liberally licensed microcontroller system. Since I’m a fan of Object-Oriented, duck-typed languages (EDIT: Wow, shows how long ago this was written!) I find it pretty tedious writing C to control my Arduino. Thus I’ve written this relatively simple Arduino “sketch” which polls the USB line for input, processes it, and returns output over the USB. The format for this communication is relatively verbose JSON, as I do not want to fill this with unreadable, unmaintainable junk like hard-coded enumerations. Messages currently take the following form:

{"read": {"pin":4, "type":"digital" },
 "read": {"pin":2, "type":"analogue"},
 "write":{"pin":3, "type":"digital", "value":1}}

This sketch has been written with the goal of loading it onto my Arduino and never having to replace it; ie. all of my Arduino programming can be done in a more comfortable language like Python, and all pin usage is done over USB.

The code can be found in Git and is in the Public Domain.