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Nix Helpers

This repository collects up useful functions and other bits and pieces for the Nix language.

Some of these may be suitable for including in the official nixpkgs repository, but others may be too hacky and/or experimental. Note that this repository isn’t necessarily stable, so it’s recommended to pin a particular git revision if you depend on it.

The goals of this project are:

<ul> <li>Complement nixpkgs by providing an “overlay” of useful helper utilities</li> <li>Avoid packaging end-user software, since that’s best done elsewhere</li> <li>Have few external dependencies</li> <li>Work across Nix and nixpkgs versions</li> </ul>

Bug reports and patches are welcome! These can be emailed to either as normal emails or via git send-email. Issues are tracked in git too, using Artemis, so they can be included in a patch if you like.