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Cached cabal new-build

Cabal 2 breaks a bunch of stuff, but does present an opportunity.

There are 3 things to consider:

 - Hackage tarballs. These are allegedly "incremental", which might mean
   that we can just store the length that we downloaded, then download
   only that much in the future to re-create the same input.
 - Build plans. Cabal only guarantees an identical plan if the hackage
   index is the same, hence the need for the above. However, we can
   "freeze" the chosen constraints to a "plan" file, which is nice.
 - The ~/.cabal package cache. Each package is stored separately for the
   compiler version, package version, hash of dependencies, etc. so we
   should be able to share this between invocations, in a similar way to
   the cabal2nixCache.

Maybe ask in #haskell about e.g. downloading partial hackage tarballs.