Git Repo Pages

Posted on by Chris Warburton

I’ve revamped the way I’m generating and storing Web pages relating to my git repositories.

Previously, these were in the projects/repos subdirectory of this site, generated by active code during rendering. This had a few downsides:

The solution is to split off each git repo to its own “site”, which these old URLs now redirect to. Links to these separate sites can be found on the repos page, and they all live in the /git directory (those directories without .git at the end), which have previously been used for the auto-generated git2html pages. Those git2html pages are still there, along with any issues tracked by artemis (rendered using mhonarc). It’s all a bit bare-bones at the moment, but I plan to clean it up a little, and also include any asv benchmarks defined in the repo.

Each git repo site is also hosted on IPFS, with an IPNS name to track the latest version. IPNS still seems rather hacky (e.g. entries seem to expire after 1 day) but for the moment the repos are available at the following addresses: