Work log 2016-08-02

Posted on by Chris Warburton

Problem during benchmarking with Criterion (mlspec-bench). Looks like some Haskell pacakges aren’t in-scope.

That was the job of buildEnv ~~ but we ended up benchmarking the ~~ but it’s since been moved to extractedEnv in Nix. Looks like we weren’t including the extracted env when clustering.

Turned build-env into a simple checking script, rather than a wrapper.

We want to run TIP benchmarks through Isa*, which requires the complete SMT-lib formatted collection of statements.

This is currently piped into the Haskell-making tool, rather than being saved; we need to split it off into its own derivation, and fall back to generating it if not available.

Had to pull out, so we get normalised, prettified smtlib.