IWF Crap

Posted on by Chris Warburton

Seems the Internet Watch Foundation are at it again! Sub-domains of Webs.com are currently inaccessible to anyone in the UK who’s ISP pays attention to the IWF. This means that I am being blocked from visiting my own Web site ( http://chriswarbo.webs.com ) because it contains child porn (the only reason the IWF blocks sites). Hmm. You can visit it via its old address ( http://www.freewebs.com / chriswarbo ) and judge for yourself how much is illegal pornography, or you can visit it through a non-UK proxy. Annoyingly the www.tk servers won’t let me change the redirect address of http://www.chriswarbo.tk . I think it may have expired :’( If you think this is ridiculous then do what I do, support the Open Rights Group :)

UPDATE: I’ve since changed to using chriswarbo.net exclusively, rather than relying on third-party hosting.