My Current Browser Tabs

Posted on by Chris Warburton

A while ago, Firefox implemented one of Epiphany’s awesome features: the ability to restore a crashed browsing session. This was then extended to support restoring the previous session regardless of whether it had crashed or not, and then the implementation changed from having a single saved session with “OK/Cancel” dialogue to restore, into a specially crafted locally generated Web page. What’s cool about this implementation is that, since the restore session system is just a page like any other, it too can be restored. I thought it would be insightful to list all of the open pages I have in Firefox, including the contents of the Restore Session pages. As I write this I don’t know what’s in there, but unfortunately I had to delete the saved sessions a while back since starting Firefox made my desktop go into swap-death. So, here is a tree view of my current Firefox session.

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