Wish I had some free time

Posted on by Chris Warburton
Just trying to publish stuff that’s been in draft form for months, whether it’s finished or not :P

Lectures are finally over for this semester (mine went on a week longer than everyone else’s it seems) and my exams start next week (I only have 3, as opposed to the usual 6!). However, I’ve got projects overdue and some slipping off the radar altogether because of my stubborn insistence on doing things correctly. I didn’t get very far at all with my second Numerical and Computational Physics assignment, since I can’t get my head around the Runge Kutta method of approximating functions based on their derivative and some initial conditions. I did manage to use them during an assessment/exam for the same module (after attempting to use Microsoft Word and Excel, then giving up at the hopeless confusion they caused me and instead downloading and installing Gnumeric and Abiword which, whilst allowing me to actually get some bloody work done without flashing any fancy-yet-utterly-fucking-useless-because-I-don’t-know-what-it-does bling at me, still took up about half an hour of my exam), but a spreadsheet is a horrible way to do any kind of programming, so my disgust at entering hard-coded functions was drowned out by the limited use of the actual tool.