Medibuntu :P

Posted on by Chris Warburton

Just read that the one of the GNU project’s Free Software desktops, Gnome, is being used in a new machine which uses flesh elasticity to find breast cancer. That’s an awesome reason to hack on Free Software, since its impact on the world literally IS saving lives :)

The company, SuperSonicImagine, aren’t just (ab)using Free Software because it’s royalty free, like many companies do. They use the Cairo vector imaging library, amongst others, in their own software and contribute patches back upstream so everyone benefits from their improvements :)

Also, if you’re in a recent version of KDE 4, try opening the Akregator feed reader, opening some Web pages in its embedded Konqueror part, open Epiphany, then drag a tab from Akregator over the panel entry for Epiphany until it switches, then drop the tab into epiphany and watch it open. Pretty nice integration going on :D