Posted on by Chris Warburton

Firstly, thank you to everyone who gave me mobile phone advice. I’ve probably disregarded all of you with my eventual purchase, an OpenMoko Freerunner :D

The Freerunner is pretty nice, except of course that every piece of software on it is an utter pile of unusable fail. However, I paid for the phone and not the software, so I’m going to try and make some decent apps for it.

At the moment I’m getting responsibilities piling up though :( I’ve got homework assignments, Free Software Society organisation, Computer Science Society collaboration to manage, Access Space, ShefLUG and Manchester Free Software collaboration to manage, Sun Microsystems relations, out-of-hours programming for my course to catch up on, relationships, general society stuff like RockSoc and things, Free Software programming (some of my projects are in dire need of some time, which I simply don’t have), I have a pile of books which I want to read, the constant barrage of email, XMPP and RSS, going to the gym (which I still haven’t done), sorting water stuff, sorting rent and contracts, sorting legal bollocks, sorting TV license, sorting the electoral roll and to make matters worse I’m rather ill, resulting in painful sneezing and coughing fits (I’ve even had to take some days off, which means missing lectures, which means catching up :( ).

I think the way to tackle this is delegation. The Free Software Society takes up a lot of my time, but is also full of awesome people who gladly help out. By getting these people to help out, like Arthur organising the socials, it will result in a lot more free time in which to do the other stuff.

Still, I’ve only got the one life, so why waste it? It does annoy me though, when I spend two days attempting some Physics homework and make absolutely no progress :’( That’s at least 12 hours I could have used to get something else out of the way, but unfortunately I fail at Physics too much. The solution is, of course, to work even longer on it. Bugger.

Ah well, I don’t have time to blog away so I’ll wrap this up now.

By the way, PubSubClient is now hosted on GitHub rather than Gitorious due to a request in my blog comments.

Until next time!