Resits Over

Posted on by Chris Warburton

Now it’s in the hands of the Gods (by which I mean, of course, the Scientists). There’s nothing I can do to change the outcome now, but I at least hope that nobody seriously pisses them off before they get marking.

COM166 wasn’t too bad. It was actually the same paper as the first time from what I could tell, but the papers had to be left behind. PHY203 was allowed to be taken away after the exam, thus they had a different paper for the resit. Weirdly I seemed better at the statistical mechanics (Boltzmann distributions, partition functions and the like, but sadly not so much with the statistical weighting of macrostates and its relation to entropy :( Yes, I know the formula, but just couldn’t articulate its relation to microstate counting very well) than some of the thermodynamics, even though I left it very late with the statistical revision. Meh, probably it was fresher in my mind.

Anyway, yes. They’re gone now and I’m confident I’ve passed, but obviously we live in a Universe who’s determinism is a matter of debate. I may have done slightly better had I not been listening to the BRAT game music playing over and over in my head on the way into the exam, and a subconscious yet rather annoying repetition of “WOOOOOHOHOHOOOOOAAA!” about half way through. Yes, my head is weird. m8.

Now I can carry on exactly what I was doing before, but this time not feel so guilty about wasting time :P </joking>