The night so far…

Posted on by Chris Warburton

There was a protracted debate about Loz’s habit of saying “Is that funny?” and Sam’s annoyance at Loz’s tendency to plan when to have quests, since quests must be spontaneous.

Crosser came, but left early.

Fleabag passed out in the middle of my floor

Alice and Loz kept telling people to be quiet and gave helpless looks when it was noisy, but at any point throughout the night by far they were the two loudest people.

Ewan had a shower with the door open, and was promptly joined by Fleabag for a rather erotic experience.

Loz’s idea of ‘trying to calm people down’ consists of spraying all of my brand new shaving foam over them and hitting them repeatedly with a pillow.

Sam’s request to have a shower since he was completely covered in shaving foam resulted in a rather naked Sam, genitals rather badly hidden by shaving foam, wandering the corridors.

Fleabag threw up in the bathroom sink and had to tranfser the chunks which wouldn’t go down into the toilet. This resulted in a rather pukey penis when Loz was attempting to simultaneously have a slashington.

A bunch went off to Da Vinci’s pizza, on the way back Fleabag threw the wheelie bin, and its entire contents, into the road.

Ewan sprayed detergent in the oven and filled the entire bottom floor with smoke, setting off the alarms.

The above took place whilst I was trying to calm Kerry down over the noise and the rubbish across the pavement which “looks like Belgrade”.

Whilst trying to calm him down from threatening to reasonable, Alice, Loz, Fleabag, Sam and Ewan were all seemingly trying to start a fight with him.

Loz managed to get three Slayer songs into our Kerry-calming, although admittedly “it’s like Seasons in the Abyss” didn’t really fit. Whilst this was rather funny, what is not is Loz’s repetition throughout the whole night of “Did you hear what I said to Kerry? I said”It’s like Seasons in the Abyss”. Is that funny? Gis a badboy.”

I cleaned up the rubbish, but was distraught to find amongst it Fleabag’s hardly touched burger. Bastard, I wanted that :P

After Sam repeatedly asking Alice for a rod he eventually got her in bed and chased after her when she tried to run away. Naturally, I videoed it.

Everyone’s seemingly got loud again. Mostly Loz from what I can hear.

Fleabag’s passed out in the bathroom.

Sam and Ewan are wrestling on Loz’s beds, one of whom is naked.

And it’s only 2AM….