Some musings

Posted on by Chris Warburton
Firstly: Music is a good thing. Power Metal has the ability to brighten any situation (even funerals). Being alone in a house means I can sing along as much as I want, headbang on my own all I want, etc. It is good.

Second: Music players crashing is a bad thing. So far Rhythmbox, Exaile, Sonata (a GTK frontend to the Music Playing Daemon), Amarok 1 and Amarok 2 keep dying on me. This saddens me.

Third: I dislike Amarok 2’s interface quite strongly. Having nice extras is good, but a music player should focus on playing music. Essentially this is Amarok 1’s interface, whilst this is Amarok 2’s.

Fourth: Easter break. Yay! Responsibilities have gone down considerably, which means I can bring up the responsibilities I have to non-course stuff. This means programming, drawing, reading Discworld, organising my life a bit more, and of course staying in bed, hopefully not alone. The beauty of this system is that I can get all of the secondary objectives accomplished whilst still satisfying the main one of staying in bed :) (OK, I’m actually trying not to be lazy. I’m writing this at my desk since staying in bed makes me feel generally bad as it seems like I haven’t got anything done.)

Fifth: Web based applications suck. They really, really do. If you are reading this at or then shame on you. If, however, you are reading this from or then nice one. I’m writing this in Kblogger because Epiphany died and sent the original text of this post with it (which I had spent over 3 hours writing). Web based applications fail. Full stop. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. With WebKit coming to GTK and QT we should hopefully start to see a slew of applications for online services which replace their current crappy web frontends

In other news I’ve upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 and things are running much faster, there’s nice bootscreen stuff been happening (I can press Escape to skip routine filesystem checks, there’s a huge load of new packages which I want to try out, etc.

Problems so far include: Wifi firmware (I’m on a very long ethernet tether at the moment), any kind of Flash plugin (Adobe, Gnash or Swfdec) and media player instability (although Rhythmbox’s is related to a bug I’ve had since upgrading to 7.04 where my optical drive gets ‘confused’). Meh, I’ve got the holidays to sort it out.

I’ve spent about 8 hours writing this thing now, so I’d better wrap up.

I plan to see what kind of desktop applications I can make to replace web-based stuff that I am dissatisfied with. There, now I’m committed to it. Ah well :P

Have fun with whatever you’re up to at the moment, goodnight!