Shut Up You Stupid Bitch

Posted on by Chris Warburton

OK, let’s take a terrible concept for a TV programme: Kill It, Cook It, Eat It. Some pampered, vegetarian, city-living media executive-wannabe has thought “Ewww, eating animals! Don’t those people know what’s involved?!”. Well, it seems like everyone else in the world does realise what goes into meat production, thus resulting in a show that seems to involve some very efficient looking slaughtering, an interesting look at butchery and all of the way through some hopeless sham of a “debate” where the bitch woman ‘mediating’ it is basically one whole side of it, while everyone else is against her.

Every word that’s coming out of this bint’s mouth is a load of bollocks. Every question is loaded, everyone who is in favour of eating meat is treated with contempt (which is pretty much everyone there), anyone who says they’ve changed their mind is treated with contempt as well with a sour faced “See, I am better than you” look and tone. A vegetarian asks a simple question and that’s it. She is on a fucking agenda, and that agenda is probably being forced on her by the idiots who thought up this BBC3 piece of crap.

How about they put the bolt through her brain, the stupid bitch, and do us all a favour. It;s called THE WORLD. No matter how many films you watch there is no such thing as a plot, there is no grand scheme of ‘saving’ the ‘good guys’. You’re here. You’re going to die. Boo hoo, so is everyone, but that’s a GOOD THING! Make the most of life, you may as well since it’s as much as you’re getting, then you’re dead so you don’t give a crap. Stupid bloody misplaced moralities, not even allowing a discussion. Bloody pampered “milk comes from cartons” culture.