Free Software Society Gathering Steam… Sort Of

Posted on by Chris Warburton

The Sheffield University Free Software Society is gathering new members and meeting face to face more :) Yay. After a bit of a get together social type thing yesterday where I got to put faces to forum members and got some membership monies in (which I need to give to Dave, our Treasurer). There was going to be a formal, serious meeting in a proper meeting room and stuff today, but due to a power cut on Thursday I was unable to book a room for it, thus making Interval the only real venue available. The problem with that is that there isn’t much to do there which wasn’t done last night, so I think I’m going to pop along to catch anyone who does turn up, but I’m not expecting much (if anything) to come from it.

A week tomorrow I hope to run an installfest for a few hours, rotating the people attending what will basically be an open room next to the Gallery in the student’s union building (where quite a few people use their laptops). These days installing stuff is completely straightforward, only requiring the willingness to do so, thus pretty much anyone can help out as long as there is a guru close to hand in case their expertise is needed. So yes, need to book something for that.

Lots of good crazyness has been going on recently, which is good. Lots of partying, chugging, lolling and generally being a lolman. I hope it continues :)

I am sorting out running some very beginner Python workshop things here at Access Space, which will hopefully be popular (although I think I may need to run them next year due to scheduling, I’m not sure yet). My graphical skillz0rz in the GIMP and Inkscape seem to have gained me some respect, which is good news since I want to run some graphics workshops for the Free Software Society.

OK, I can’t think of anything else to say……….