Bicubic Penis Enlargement

Posted on by Chris Warburton

I’m sending this from the wonderous world of dialup Internets. Be Un Limited have awful customer service, I really mean it. I think I’m going to send them a letter by snail mail complaining about their email response, although knowing my luck the postage will be astronomical since it’ll be to Bangalore. Which reminds me, I must post Loz’s two sets of bike lock keys home…

In other business the FSS is running its own forum now (since MyFreeForum have policies which suck like a Dyson), and we should have a mailing list sooner rather than later if Billy from Access Space is able to help us set up the box I took down to be a server. Jake from Access Space is also really interested in the society which is cool, and James is enthusiastic like always.

My timetable for this year is much less harsh than last year (I don’t even have any Physics labs this semester), which means I have more time free to advance the society, which has already had a ton of effort poured into it and we haven’t even run our first meeting yet. Soon though….