I <3 U Dell

Posted on by Chris Warburton

I am in Sheffield, but I have no Internets :( (Currently using a mixture of dialup, Walkley Library (across the road :) ), the Information Commons and Access Space (the latter being where I am at the moment).

The dialup in question is made possible thanks to Dell, who have got the evil Connexant to stop their stupid policy of pay-for Linux drivers and release them for no cost. Thank you Dell, this is exactly the thing we are after :D

The Free Software Society is off to a great start, with the Freshers’ Fair an amazing success. We gave out about 100 CDs (both Ubuntu (packaged 6.06 and self-written 7.04) and a disc of Windows Free Software I made myself) which is around 70GB of data :) I want to do a follow up on that, in case anybody had badly written discs and to hopefully get some more converts.

This week has been pretty amazing. I’ve been out loads (the only day I stayed in was Thursday, since I thought that Bleach tickets had run out, but apparently there were spares so I could’ve gone. Oh well). Wednesday we crashed Ranmoor bar, and got completely smashed. Yesterday we managed to get through half a bottle of Absinthe (among other things) playing drinking games and I ended up sleeping in Jo’s bed :P Today I seem to have upset Harriet by letting my ’phone’s battery die (dramatic, I know) so I didn’t get a call from her when we were meant to go swimming, so I think I’m in bad books there. Sorry Harriet T___T. Should be going to Corporation tonight with the RockSoc, which will be cool (I’ll be one of the experienced members rather than a fresher, wow I can feel the respect dripping from my brow!).

Yes, so I just thought I’d give an update about what I’ve been up to. My Plasma installation guide has been quite popular on ubuntuhq.com (at one point being the most popular article of the week!), which is pretty nice :D

So, farewell until I get enough bandwidth to bother updating this blog regularly again.