I used to love nostalgia…

Posted on by Chris Warburton

Ah, the satisfaction that the above screen gave me :) When I first pressed F12-S to make E-UAE fullscreen I thought just how cool (read: not cool at all) it was to have an Amiga widescreen laptop. I still need to do some proper Workbench hacking to get the masses of customisations installed that I am used to on my real Amigas.

In other news I built an Ubuntu package of Epiphany with Webkit, but switched back to Gecko for the time being. Webkit is superior (especially compared to Gecko’s massive memory consumption) but the current Epiphany incarnation is text-only with no CSS or frames or anything, so I’ll give it a little time to mature before using it full-time.

I should be heading up to Sheffield in the next couple of days, after sorting out some monetary troubles (starving student and all that). Harriet got some great Free Software Society tshirts, and I need to go crazy with a CD burner before the Freshers’ Fair. I sure hope I left a load of Free Software stuff in Sheffield, ’cause I can’t find some CDs that would be nice to have.

Oh well. Bed time now (6:30AM). Be sure to check out the Free Software Society forum, since I’m quite lonely on there at the moment.