You don’t have to be into violent BDSM to think the GIMP Took Kit is sexy

Posted on by Chris Warburton

I came across the Aurora GTK2 engine yesterday, and I have to admit that it is incredibly nice. Seriously. The attention to detail is staggering. It took me a while to find a QT style that I could severely tweak to sort of match it (for Kopete and Amarok, mostly), but after some fiddling I got it looking pretty consistent (although not perfect). I have filed a needs-packaging bug in Launchpad about it, because it really is very nice. Unless there are technical flaws found in it I think it would be great as a default theme (note that the colour scheme is my own. Aurora is actually the first GTK engine I have seen that uses the recently-added recolouring support).

Here’s a piccy for you:

Also, some image slicing GUIs have been made, which is cool.