Way to make my work sound easy there…

Posted on by Chris Warburton

I just saw this on a BBC news story:

Thought it was pretty funny considering the complexity of the situation.

Anyway, on a more serious note I am cracking on with my Service Pack tool, which is almost fully working now on Debian derived distros, the only problems are 1) The installation script doesn’t run properly from the package installer (although it runs fine from a commandline) and 2) The postpone tool is currently used, which isn’t particularly widespread yet, so this dependancy must be eliminated (although postpone was used heavily throughout the program it now only exists in the package installation phase). You can usually find a semi-recent version from the Wiki page.

This post has been sitting unposted on my machine for a couple of days while I work on other things, but an interesting thing I’m playing with which you might be interested in is a visualisation program for displaying what is essentially a “map” of music, using last.fm to find relations and create a web of interconnected artists. It still needs some physics added to create a proper visual representation (at the moment images and text are dumped randomly on a single screen), but since it is my first venture in the area of networked programs and multithreading I think it has turned out well for a few hours work (this is just a test, so I don’t think I’ll be releasing it while it still uses last.fm, since their servers would take a hammering. The idea is to be able to sort through local music collections, and thus the needed metadata should be inside local files to make the best use of it.) When I have the physics sorted then I’ll probably post a video to Google Video showing it off.

Until the next time, erm, yes….