Very serious issue, but the semantics are still funny

Posted on by Chris Warburton
I was looking through my news aggregator today and came upon this BBC news story. Whilst it is a very serious issue I couldn’t help being amused by the one line summary in the RSS feed:

“China executes the former head of its food and drug watchdog to death for corruption, state media says.”

Yes, it was such a severe punishment that he’s not to be executed a little bit, nope he’s to go the whole hog and be executed to death.

Oh, and in case that story has ruined your happy mood here is a nice video to get you back into your safe-by-security-theatre, I-can’t-do-anything-about-this-stuff-because-I-have-been-trained-as-a-consumer-monkey-incapable-of-doing-anything-for-myself-so-that-companies-can-sell-me-basic-things-as-services so-called lives.

Thank you