Aren’t I Clever?

Posted on by Chris Warburton

I was reading a few forum threads about AROS when I saw the topic of multi-touch screens raised, with a link to an Instructables tutorial for building one (with some nice links). However, I read the guide and watched the video, but couldn’t help thinking that there had to be a more accurate way of making one, so I sat down for 10 minutes with some paper and a pen and went through a few ideas. After dismissing some ideas which clearly aren’t scalable I think I’ve actually come up with a pretty neat and easy solution. I’m obviously not going to detail its inner workings here, but I’ll build a prototype as soon as I have time to do a little testing. Sheffield would probably be a good place to do this, since Sandbach isn’t really known for its DIY/craft shopping scene.

Oh by the way, stumbled along this too.

Oh yeah. LUGRADIO LIVE!!!! W00t!