GNOME Blog Works!

Posted on by Chris Warburton
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Yes, I know. I am a genius. Anyway, just tried Ubuntu Feisty’s package of gnome-blog and found that it can use Blogger’s new API (it changed when Google bought them, thus making the older versions not work for accounts using the new API, like mine). This is a welcome relief since I no longer have to deal with the nightmare of writing blind (white-on-white == bad usability), and if a dodgy website (or browser) loses the Blogger page then I’d lost it all (as happened to me just :( ). Anyway, now that we have established that GNOME Blog works onto the main issues of the day:

The Free Software Society has now got a forum, located here. Thanks go to our secretary Harriet for that :) Of course there is still the Mugshot group as well (although their software could do with a little improvement, I’ll download the source and see what I can do to add proper, and other integration).

Check out this video: Whilst being a slightly exaggerated parody it is still very insightful and funny too. Still has nothing on the master though, Prof. Eben Moglen, who recently gave a talk in Edinburgh. If you haven’t seen any of his talks then you’re missing out, he really is a powerful and passionate speaker who makes beautiful use of the English language.

Also, check out Frets on Fire, which has now had its non-Free songs and fonts removed and has been packaged for Debian (and therefore Ubuntu). It’s made with Pygame BTW :)

Finally……. I’m going LUGRadio Live! Woooo!!!! I’ll meet Jono Bacon and other people I have admired via HTTP for all these years (well, 2 or 3). Whilst some people I would like to chat with won’t be there (namely Mirco), it could help me become more known throughout the community which would be good news networking-wise as president of the Free Software Society (hopefully my social networking will beat my ethernet networking, the height of which was getting ping to work and kicking my little brother’s ass on Crack Attack).

I am pondering GUADEC as well, but accommodation would make it impossible for a week-long event :( (unless I am an extremely cheeky bastard to Jo, which I honestly try not to be)