Quote of the day

Posted on by Chris Warburton

“Just click the bad thing with the skull and it dies. Not only is it simple, it?s metal.”

That comment about Grim Reaper Mode (also known as xkill) is part of some nice GNOME tweaks suggested here.

Also, Mirco has done some more nice videos, I read an interesting idea over here, although I think the idea is backwards, Firefox should not become the desktop, ie. making local and online applications behave the same by making the local ones look like, run like and generally be, shit like the online ones. I think getting rid of the browser as an application altogether and having web pages behave like local documents is a better idea (with bookmarks remaining behind after being finished with).

I’ve been experimenting with a little game idea I’ve had for years that I originally thought of doing in Flash (yes, I used to be evil too) but am now doing in Python thanks to Pygame and PyODE. I also think that making a nice Pygame IDE designed for simplicity would be a great idea, so I might start working on that (making it in Pygame of course!)