I have nothing to talk about

Posted on by Chris Warburton

Just thought I’d update this since I haven’t for quite a while. Well…. The Free Software Society is a go-go, we’ve got membership cards and everything! Harriet’s making a bit of a website for it, so that should go live soon (at http://fss.union.shef.ac.uk ). I will put together a humourous little history of Free Software, then show it off at our first meeting (after publicising the site, which has contact details) along with some admin like any new committee members (currently 3, the bare minimum) and ideas for nice projects to do. Currently I am thinking:
A Freedom Toaster
Free Wifi (maybe via Fon or something)
Storming local computer shops like a plague of locusts of biblical proportions, although armed with CDs and stands, and hopefully some kind of penguin suit (NightLine has one. Maybe we could borrow it…… [without the tshirt though]).
Helping local schools and charities by collecting and recycling older computers and getting rid of any crappy proprietary software on them to run LTSP and stuff (need some training here…)
Of course the FSS will also only officially distribute things in unencumbered formats, and communicate with unencumbered, freely documented standards (basically, MSN is a pile of crap, Jabber 4TW).

If you are reading this and you are in or near Sheffield then check the site linked above for updates and you’ll be welcome to come along… Unless you are meant to be in prison at the time or something… Well.. I’m not signing you into the Student Union building……

PS: Oh yeah, also a big thank you to Loz for breaking the handle off the door in my corridor last night/this morning. What a silly dick.

PPS: It’s in English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W00t!