Ubuntu Thoughts

Posted on by Chris Warburton

I assume it is a good thing, but the actual extent of my Ubuntu involvement is more than I realised. After helping some people in IRC (something I used to do for vast timespans pre-University) whilst after support myself, which (as usual) I didn’t get (this is not having a go at the Ubuntu help system, just that I am so Ubuntu-savvy that if I can’t fix it then most of the people in #ubuntu can’t either!) I left since I couln’t keep track of the conversation as I was also web browsing on an adjacent workspace. So, I left and carried on my browsing, yes on the Ubuntu Wiki, and saw a nice little spec I might be interested in.

I read through it, agreeing that FluidSynth would probably be better (although I have never used it directly before), and also thought “Making a plugin for Firefox? That could probably be done with MozPlugger.” Only when I read further down did I see that someone had already suggested using MozPlugger, and that person was me!

I am glad now that I junked the list of Wiki contributions I have made which used to be on my Ubuntu Wiki homepage, since there is far too much. It was only relatively recently that I even bothered to label my comments with my name!

Well, start back on Monday, Tuesday is Film Night or, as will probably be the case, Let’s Be Angry At Chris For Ruining Our Film Night Night, Free Software Society to sort after that, Valentine’s Day, Mum’s birthday, etc. Busy Busy Busy!

PS: I only noticed recently that writing fake closing HTML tags in arrow brakets does not show up on this blog, so I may as well say here that I had “/Blatant Lie” tagged on the first post (about working hard, updating this blog, etc.) and I’ve forgotten the one I put on the second because I’m an idiot. I just wanted to clarify the first post which seems very out of character for me without the close tag applied!

PPS: I like Power Quest, they remind me of the good old days of listening to Protracker modules on the Amiga-1200-with-the hard-drive-outside-the-case-and-the-4MB-fast-RAM-upgrade-and-the-CDROM-drive-in-the-spare-room-at-my-Dad’s-house whilst animating, 3D modelling, etc. Yay nostalgia!